We offer advanced applications showcasing powerful image viewing, compression, and editing technologies.
Barcode Scanner

Mobile Barcode Reader App for Android and iOS

The Barcode Scanner App demonstrates the use of the Barcode Xpress Mobile SDK for Android™ and iOS®. This app shows how you can build a powerful barcode-capable application for whatever you need: industrial, retail, inventory or any other application.

Document Viewer for Salesforce

A better document viewer for attachments in your Salesforce apps

View attachments, of more than 300 different file types, from a browser, without downloading files or installing software. Just add in our Document Viewer for Salesforce component to replace the standard "Attachments" related list on any standard or custom.

Prizm® Content Connect

HTML5 Document Viewer

View documents at a faster speed without downloading anything on the client side. With support for over 300 document types this viewer supports all server platforms, browsers and any programming languages.

Prizm® ActiveX Viewer

Browser Plug-in

When viewer performance is paramount, installing Prizm ActiveX Viewer on each client is the optimal solution. All image processing is performed on each client, with images and annotations stored locally or on your server.

Prizm® Capture

QuickBooks or Sage 100 Invoice Processing Application

Invoice processing made easy! Eliminate manual data entry when entering bills into QuickBooks or Sage 100.

Prizm® Cloud

Embedded Document Viewer

Prizm Cloud technology enables you to link the documents on your servers to the viewer on our server (with no document uploads) and offers a real time unique experience for your users.

Prizm® Document Converter

High-Speed Document and PDF Converter

A true multi-threaded, high-performance conversion engine, Prizm Document Converter can be easily integrated into web applications and document management systems.

PICVideo M-JPEG Codec

Video Codec | Windows

PICVideo lets you compress and decompress M-JPEG video files better and faster than any other available codec! Ideal for viewing Motion JPEG files on Windows Media Player. M-JPEG is also used in video editing applications because it describes each individual frame completely. The PICVideo M-JPEG Codec includes a Microsoft Video for Windows interface and a Microsoft DirectShow Transform Filter interface. It is the only codec optimized for both 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems.

JPEG Wizard

World's Most Advanced JPEG Tool

Webmasters and Digital Photo Enthusiasts… create smaller, faster downloading images without compromising quality! The JPEG Wizard is the ultimate JPEG image editing and compression tool. JPEG images created with The JPEG Wizard can obtain 20% - 70% more compression with good visual quality than JPEG images created with most image editing packages, including Photoshop.


Store 3X the Hi-Res Photos on your iPhone® or iPad®

Open the ThinPic app and select a photo or album of photos stored on your iPhone® or iPad®, ThinPic will create a new album and then reduce the photo file size up to 70% of its original size. Once the photo is saved it will retain its image quality and resolution.

USB Scanner

USB Scanning On Your Android Mobile Device

For the first time, connect your Android device to a USB scanner and send your documents directly to your Android apps. Save the image, share them via Gmail, Facebook, or any other installed application that supports sharing.