Prizm Content Connect

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DICOM Viewer

Prizm Content Connect’s DICOM viewer displays DICOM images in a browser, with no ActiveX controls, plugins or apps to install on the client device, desktop or mobile.

Based on award-winning technology, the DICOM viewer enables radiologists, radiological technologists, RIS and PACS maintainers, DICOM specialists, students and even patients to view DICOM files in a convenient, friendly viewer. In addition to DICOM, the viewer supports a comprehensive list of other file types.

Prizm Content Connect is a perfect low-cost solution for radiologists to securely share DICOM files with patients outside of the office. With its superior performance, international customization capabilities, and intuitive user interface, Prizm Content Connect has become the document viewer of choice for users around the world.


Digital rights management (DRM) capabilities empower you to define user-level, image-level, or custom controls for DICOM images to control printing, saving, viewing, and even navigation.
Converts DICOM images to PDF format right inside the viewer for easy sharing.
Enables professionals to comment on and share DICOM images.