Prizm Content Connect

HTML5 Document Viewer

Digital Rights Management

Prizm Content Connect's Digital Rights Management (DRM) capabilities protect sensitive information* by enabling an organization to selectively disable viewer controls that print, save, copy, or download a document, in whole or in part — even within SharePoint environments.

You can customize navigation and enforce version-control parameters within a work group, across departments, and even with partners, suppliers and customers outside your firewall. And because Prizm Content Connect stores DRM permissions outside the document, the integrity of the original is preserved, which in some cases may be essential for maintaining regulatory compliance.

    Does not download documents locally or to the client-side cache in order to display them, making it both highly secure and highly responsive.
    Empowers you to define your own controls for printing, saving, viewing, and even navigation.
    Interacts with your content-aware application or ECM system through an easy-to-use, programmable API.
    Prizm Content Connect makes rights management available to all users within and beyond the firewall, so there is no need for an extra policy management server or web server.
*Prizm Content Connect cannot prevent certain DRM violations, such as a server setup being manipulated or hacked, manual retyping of displayed content, or restricted material being copied from the display by means of screen-capture program, PrintScreen, or digital photography.