Enhance the mobile experience for your customers with these iOS™ and Android™ toolkits

Use iPads®, iPhones® or Android devices to view industry standard images and read barcodes
Add Image Viewing

Use AIMTools to view grayscale medical images or scanned TIFF documents using an iOS or Android mobile device. AIMTools is the first toolkit to support Lossless JPEG and JPEG 2000 on iOS and Android.

Using this mobile SDK, medical professionals now have the ability to retrieve and download vital medical images on an iPad, iPhone or Android device. Applications using AIMTools can also view document images that are scanned and stored in lossless formats to preserve image detail, such as TIFF and JPEG 2000.

Download the AIMTools Image Viewer Sample from the iTunes Store or Google Play!

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Add Barcode Scanning

Use Barcode Xpress Mobile to recognize 1D and 2D barcodes from iOS and Android phones and devices with cameras. Barcode Xpress Mobile enables customers to streamline workflow processes with barcode reading directly from mobile devices.

Healthcare institutions can provide faster, more reliable access to patient information, and use barcodes to improve quality of care. Shipment tracking, records indexing, and many more time sensitive processes can be improved by adding a mobile barcode solution.

See Barcode Xpress Mobile in action using the Barcode Scanner App on iOS or Android!

Barcode Xpress Mobile
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