ADEPTOL™ Releases Sharepoint Viewer, Document and Image Viewer for Sharepoint

April 22, 2009 – Adeptol's Product AJAXDocumentViewer now comes with an add on module to allow users to view documents, images and other file formats right out of the box within Microsoft SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007, SharePoint Server 2010, Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 2.0 and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0.

Adeptol's Product AJAXDocumentViewer is a zero footprint viewer and needs no additional software on client machine or server to be installed. The software comes bundled with everything and requires no plugins or activex controls to be installed on end user's machines. Documents can be viewing right within Sharepoint Libraries or documents being processed as a part of SharePoint's workflows.

AJAXDocumentViewer supports more than 200 document types and allows an unlimited number of users to access various numbers of documents at same time and is based on a Multiple Tenancy Concept and hence is significantly faster than other products with similar functions. It is not a virtual printer based server, which means no installation of a virtual printer on the server.


ADEPTOL™ is the provider of the industry's leading web based universal document viewer. The company's flagship product, Server Based Document AJAXDocumentViewer uses AJAX and Flash technology to create fast rendering of documents on the fly and includes a unique set of capabilities to render, enrich and dynamically deliver content. On top of this platform, our customers and our partners build information access and delivery solutions used by various industries, publishers, government agencies and other large enterprises to accelerate the viewing of documents. AJAX Document Viewer is focusing on creating a unique viewer that can be embedded in any application and and be used to collaborate, distribute and share documents online. AJAX Document Viewer allows content publishers, bloggers and individual users to publish content and embed the documents in their web pages while still maintaining the integrity, consistency and look & feel of the document.

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