Forms Processing SDK Products Upgraded by Accusoft Pegasus

Pattern recognition for ICR and OCR, ICR for Western European characters, and 32/64-bit AnyCPU support now added to leading forms processing SDKs

TAMPA, Fla. - April 19, 2010 – Accusoft Pegasus, the leading provider of imaging software development kits (SDKs), announces new versions of its forms processing SDKs are released today. Customers will take advantage of increased speed and processing power delivered through the new 32/64-bit .NET versions. They increase OCR and ICR accuracy by applying regular expressions to field recognition, and the new version also opens up a larger international market for ICR (recognition of hand printed characters) applications.

FormFix v4, which performs form ID, registration and dropout, and SmartZone v3, which decodes characters in form fields, are now available as 32/64-bit AnyCPU .NET versions. Demand for 64-bit continues to increase, especially when forms processing technology is used on production servers.

SmartZone has added ICR of hand-printed characters in 11 Western European languages, and can now use regular expressions and default templates to further increase OCR and ICR accuracy. SmartZone performs recognition using either pre-set or customer-configured expected character patterns for each field. This improves recognition accuracy, and produces improved results early enough in the workflow process to reduce labor costs associated with exception processing. The engine also reports back confidence of recognition results, and reports when the expected pattern isn't found.

"The recognition engine employs regular expressions to improve results up front rather than assuming manual validation of data downstream," says Rick Scanlan, director of sales engineering at Accusoft Pegasus. "Users who take advantage of this new feature will experience improved recognition accuracy and improvements both in coding and workflow efficiencies."

Improved optical mark recognition (OMR) and improved form dropout are also provided in this version of FormFix. It will now accept color images for processing, and can apply color enhancements prior to form recognition.

The FormAssist demonstration application is also updated in this release. The application provides an excellent way to review and understand the primary capabilities of SmartZone and FormFix, and includes source code as a starting point for building custom solutions. More information on Accusoft Pegasus imaging and forms processing solutions can be found at Demos and free unlimited trial downloads are available.

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