Prizm Document Converter

High-Speed Document and PDF Converter

Reduce Software Licensing Costs

Bypass licenses for MS Office, CAD programs, and other format-specific software and print drivers on the desktop or server by converting documents into common formats usable in applications you already have on hand.

Transform Your Organization's Content

Batch conversion operations can process large volumes of documents and store the converted files to a repository, and often these files can later be found through a simple search (depending on the properties of the source and target file formats selected).

Support For Over 300 Document Types

Convert 300+ types of documents and other files into raster files such as PNG and JPEG for use in web applications, or convert files to SVG for use in HTML5 applications.

Prizm Content Connect

Thin Client, Zero Footprint, and Mobile PDF Viewer

Fully customizable document viewer that adapts to your business needs and works for any OS or browser

Prizm Content Connect performs conversion and rendering on the server side for an ultra-light-weight end user experience.

Any OS
Any Browser
Any Programming Language

No ActiveX
No Plug-Ins
No Software to Download

Get a completely scalable, easily integrated document viewer that easily handles any type of content with virtually no size or usage restrictions, with additional capabilities to support high-volume transaction and archive environments.

Our enterprise-class infrastructure was built to meet the needs of the world's most demanding global enterprises.

Prizm ActiveX Viewer

Thick Client PDF Viewer High-speed document imaging display and navigation with a browser plug-in

Prizm ActiveX Viewer delivers fast image viewing of large documents by performing image decompression and manipulation on the client.

Using your server to share documents, Prizm ActiveX Viewer gives you complete control over the user experience as you build efficient document workflows.

Users can display, annotate, e-mail, print, and export single and multi-page TIFF, PDF, JPEG, and other files, and package groups of documents... all from within a single user interface.