The Practical Benefits

The benefits for Prizm Document Converter’s document conversion are as diverse as the types of companies that rely on it:

Service Providers

Service providers can enable conversion in a secure content management system (CMS) that automatically makes MS Office files into PDF, SVG, JPEG and more for convenient storage and viewing.


Developers can build a PDF converter widget into an application toolbar, or insert conversion as an embedded process within their application.


Suppliers to manufacturing plants and large commercial facilities can embed conversion in their products to transform engineering drawings and other documents to a more portable, widely supported format, such as PDF.
Prizm Document Converter

High-Speed Document and PDF Converter

Convert dozens of different file types
to PDF, SVG, image files, and more – fast!

A true multi-threaded, high-performance conversion engine.
Prizm Document Converter can be easily integrated into web applications and document management systems.

Software Licensing Costs
Bypass licenses for MS Office, CAD programs, and other format-specific software and print drivers on the desktop or server by converting documents into common formats usable in applications you already have on hand.
Your Organization's Content
Batch conversion operations can process large volumes of documents and store the converted files to a repository, and often these files can later be found through a simple search (depending on the properties of the source and target file formats selected).
Many Popular Document Types
Convert Microsoft Office, PDF, CAD and other files into raster files such as PNG and JPEG for use in web applications, or convert files to SVG for use in HTML5 applications.
You can use this product on its own, or as a part of the powerful Prizm Content Connect document viewer, which displays dozens of file types in order to view, search and download them. Using the viewer, you can markup your documents with annotation and redaction, and make sure they are secure with digital rights management (DRM).