Prizm Content Connect

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Redaction Module

Adding the Redactions module to Prizm Content Connect empowers users to remove sensitive data from documents. Through an intuitive visual interface, users can easily select text, region or image content to be permanently redacted from the document. Redacted documents can be published in PDF format, or in TIFF and other image formats. In PDF output, any redacted text or image content has been permanently and entirely removed -- it cannot be found in a search and can't be seen, highlighted or copied. The content that is not redacted remains fully indexed and searchable in PDF output.

To comply fully with obfuscation requirements that can vary by use case, users can apply two types of redaction:
  • Draw to Redact, in which the user selects an area to be redacted, using drawing tools. Draw to Redact can also be performed programmatically, using the PCC web services, to redact defined regions of a document on demand or in batch mode.
  • Text or Paragraph Redaction, in which the user selects the exact text strings or paragraphs to redact.


    Digital rights management (DRM) tools built into Prizm Content Connect enable you to integrate redaction into your workflow in combination with DRM, reducing the risk of oversight or error while locking redacted documents to read-only status for authorized users.
Stay Compliant
    Redactions can be burned into output files that are separate from your original documents, so the original content can be retained in your system for compliance and regulation purposes while redacted documents can be shared.
    Permanently strips away sensitive or confidential text and image information from your documents so you can feel safe sharing them as needed.