Prizm Content Connect

HTML5 Document Viewer

Thin Client Viewer

A "thin client" viewer brings image processing, collaboration, annotation/redaction, digital rights management (DRM) and more to distributed resources under a client-server architecture.

Far quicker than a traditional thick client or "virtual printer" viewer, a thin client document viewer leverages a centralized server that delivers multi-threaded, simultaneous responses to a virtually unlimited number of users, reducing total cost of ownership (TCO), improving security, and enabling advanced mobile applications.


Access Data Anywhere
    Makes critical data accessible in real time from anywhere in the world through any HTML5 browser (including desktop and mobile versions) or any browser running Flash.
Centralized DRM
    Enables DRM from within a centralized enterprise content management (ECM) system and extends DRM beyond the enterprise to partners, suppliers, and customers.
No Additional Software
    Requires no additional software on the server, and nothing but an HTML5 browser or Flash on the client.
Easy Component Migration
    Enables easy migration of processing components to a cloud-enabled virtual data center.
Simple Integration
    Integrates into highly scalable, user-friendly solutions within minutes.