Compatible with Android 3.2 (Honeycomb) and later.

Not sure your scanner is supported?
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USB Scanner SDK

USB Scanning SDK for Android Apps

Add USB scanning to existing Android apps, or build new scanning-enabled apps with our easy-to-use sample!

We provide you with code and instructions to add document scanning functions to any Android app in a snap. Your users can direct-connect their Android devices via USB cable, control the scanner from within your app, and pass the saved scan directly into the application. Our detailed Programming Guide gets your app up and running in no time.
Brightness control and more.
Give your user control of resolution, brightness, and color mode.
Scan single or multipage documents to PDF, JPEG, TIFF or BMP.
Building USB scanning into a workflow enables a world of advanced applications…

ConstructionEmpower truck drivers to scan complex bills of lading and other documents directly into a transportation management system (TMS).
ConstructionDevelopers of mobile applications that have a document workflow can use the USB Scanner SDK to get documents into the flow without having to write code to support specific scanners.
Home HealthGive mobile or home health workers in the field the ability to record and transmit signed medical forms efficiently, improving productivity and patient care.
Insurance Adjustments and AppraisalsAccelerate insurance adjustments and appraisals by enabling field workers to transmit vehicle information and signed statements quickly and easily.