Accusoft offers the widest array of SDKs and customizable web-based solutions for viewing images.

Whether you're using our SDKs to build your own application to view documents or medical images, or delivering images via a web browser, our viewing solutions get you there faster.

Viewing Solutions Comparison Table

Building a viewer with an SDK

For maximum control over the end-user's viewing experience, use our ImageGear or ImagXpress SDKs to add advanced imaging features to your applications. They support numerous file types and every common viewing function and include advanced features like thumbnail views and image annotation, plus hundreds of file manipulation methods for image enhancement. Our SDKs support the widest range of deployment options, both via the Web and on the desktop

.NET 32/64-bit | WPF | Silverlight | ASP.NET | ActiveX 32-bit | Unix 32/64-bit

With our ImageGear SDKs you can put advanced viewing on almost any platform. From 100% managed support for .NET, WPF, and Silverlight, to ActiveX/COM, Java, DLLs, and Compact Framework, there’s an ImageGear solution for you.


.NET 32/64-bit | ActiveX 32/64-bit

The ImagXpress SDK deliver fast image viewing and editing features to applications built on .NET or ActiveX and COM platforms.


iOS | Android

Use AIMTools to view grayscale medical images or scanned TIFF documents using an iOS or Android mobile device.


Viewing Solutions Comparison Table

Platform ImageGear .NET ImageGear Pro ImageGear Silverlight ImagXpress
.NET development  
Java development      

Web-based Solutions ImageGear .NET ImageGear Pro ImageGear Silverlight ImagXpress
Web-based images
View PC-based images
Silverlight viewer      
ASP.NET and AJAX      
ActiveX plug-in for Internet Explorer    
ActiveX plug-in for Mozilla (Firefox)        
Client install via Web
Client-side decompression  
HTML5 / Flash thin client        

File Formats (partial list) ImageGear .NET ImageGear Pro ImageGear Silverlight ImagXpress
TIFF, single and multi-page
PDF and PDF/A  
(with PDF Xpress)
MS-Office (DOC, XLS)        
JPEG2000 (J2K)  
Camera RAW
Lossless JPEG, JPEG-LS      

Viewer Features ImageGear .NET ImageGear Pro ImageGear Silverlight ImagXpress
Annotation support
Annotation server        
Thumbnail viewing
Print and export  
Offline document conversion        
Customization controls