Survey Says: 79% of Companies Need an HTML5 Viewing Tool


Last week we introduced Accusoft Cloud Services' new APIs, including Barcode, OCR, and Conversion. In addition to these APIs, we also unveiled our new ecommerce plans, which enable users to choose the right plan to fit their viewing needs. The plans come in 4 different tiers and you can read more about the specifics of each here.

To truly understand the fantastic new APIs and how you can use them in your web and application projects, you have to see them in action! So we hosted an informative webinar showing them off and explained how to set up your own Cloud Services account.

During the webinar we got interactive and asked our attendees some basic poll questions. So what did we find out?

  • 79% of attendees have a need for HTML5 Document Viewing at their company
  • 76% of attendees have a need for an OCR API
  • 58% of attendees have a need for a Barcode API
  • 60% of attendees have a need for document conversion APIs
  • 52% of attendees have a need for compression APIs

As you can see, the need for HTML5 viewing technology and a host of varying APIs is growing and companies are utilizing our services more than ever.

If you missed the webinar, don't worry! We have a recorded version that you can access here. See how Accusoft Cloud Services can improve your document processing and streamline your workflow today!

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