Twitch is Ditching Flash for HTML5, Just Like YouTube and More Articles


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This week's Follow Friday articles include Twitch is Ditching Flash for HTML5, Just Like YouTube, Google Incorporating A Truth Score; Anti-vax & Conspiracies to Rank Lower, and more.

Twitch is Ditching Flash for HTML5, Just Like YouTube – Venture Beat
By Emil Protalinski

It's finally happening. Twitch is transitioning from Adobe Flash to HTML5. The Amazon-owned company is starting small: The video player on the Web is getting new controls powered by HTML5 and JavaScript in place of the existing Flash controls. The rollout is a gradual one — you may not see the redesign on your account yet, but don't worry, it's coming. This move is just half the battle, as the video underneath the controls is still powered by Flash. Twitch says this is "an important step to releasing the much-anticipated full HTML5 player" and to "stay tuned for more HTML5 updates."

Google Incorporating A Truth Score; Anti-vax & Conspiracies to Rank Lower – Gadgtechs

The web is full of rubbish. Conspiracy theories, anti-vaccination sites and fact-free "information" constantly makes first page results on the most visited search engine of the world, Google. Google may have a cure - rank websites according to their truthfulness. Currently, the search giant counts the number and variety of incoming hyperlinks to a domain and page as a proxy for the quality and popularity, determining where it appears in search results. So pages that many other websites link to are ranked high. This system has given us the search engine as we all know it at present, however, the system can be abused by 'shady' websites by making a large number of spammy links pointing to their own sites. Many firms today provide 'SEO services', and claim that they can bring your site at the top of search results using certain keyword.

Six Flags Bans Selfie Sticks in its Theme Parks – Theme Park Insider
By Robert Niles

Six Flags has become the latest tourist destination to ban selfie sticks, announcing the new policy in an email to annual passholders today Six Flags theme parks long have been among the more restrictive in its policies toward bringing cameras on rides. A few weeks after the Walt Disney theme parks banned selfie sticks in its parks, Six Flags has followed and take the additional step of banning monopods and “similar devices” throughout its parks. Disney had noted that its selfie-stick ban would not extend to monopods and “non-professional” tripods (i.e. ones that could be collapsed to fit in a typical backpack), which would continue to be allowed in its parks.

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