Cirrus Secure Implements PrizmDoc Viewer and ImageGear to Aid in Solving Content Challenges



Lending comes with many challenges for banks and other financial institutions. Between rigid security regulations and various file types coming in for verification, lenders are often overwhelmed with manual paper processes.

Cirrus Secure is a secure document collection portal that helps lenders with business development, credit, processing, and closing. Its secure platform enables banks to administer loans more efficiently, giving structure to the process and enabling a more efficient workflow.

  • Cirrus Secure's mission is to create harmony and security between lenders and borrowers. When lenders need to verify documents of different types and sizes for a loan, they need an efficient way to process all the paperwork. Email just isn't cutting it. In fact, there is an extreme security risk of not being able to view and store documents in a centralized location.
  • Many banks are using assistants to print documents and file them on a server digitally. That process takes, on average, four hours per loan. Cirrus Secure hopes to streamline that process with a platform that helps with content routing, annotations, and eSignature.
  • Cirrus Secure is a cloud-based system that enables collaboration on the entire loan from anywhere, streamlining the process. To do this efficiently, they needed to integrate a document viewer and conversion tool that would enable their platform to provide these capabilities.
  • Before discovering Accusoft, Cirrus Secure used competitor, Aspose. "In 2018, we ripped out Aspose and replaced it with PrizmDoc Viewer and ImageGear. Aspose was very hands off where Accusoft was very hands on. It's a big deal for us to rip something out. We needed more functionality, and the timing for us was ideal. We were working on a new version with several enhancements and that enabled us to add the features we needed by integrating PrizmDoc Viewer and ImageGear during that transition," states John Steele, President & CPO at Cirrus Secure.
"One of the reasons that Accusoft stood out from the crowd is its comprehensiveness. The products are easily customizable, but also work together. We're definitely getting our money's worth with PrizmDoc Viewer and ImageGear. Together, these two integrations fit our needs perfectly."

– John Steele, President & CPO, Cirrus Secure


When Cirrus Secure decided to look for a new document viewing and conversion solution, they spent a lot of time online researching. Cirrus Secure was looking for ways to add features to their current solution, enabling different departments to speed up their loan processing and use eSignature for approval.

Cirrus Secure needed an integration that could help do it all. They wanted to replace their current integration for a variety of reasons, including:

  • It wasn't very flexible and they had to develop workarounds for customization.
  • It didn't offer a solution for approvals like eSignature.
  • They needed a way to extract data, rotate files, and convert different documents into PDFs.

The new version rolled out a variety of improvements and one of those included the PrizmDoc Viewer and ImageGear integration. After talking to Accusoft at Finovate in 2018, Cirrus Secure decided to make the switch.

"Accusoft was ready to address some issues right out of the gate with our specific needs. After talking to Accusoft at the show, we did some research on your site. It really came down to the demos. We decided to prioritize some of the things we wanted to do with our software, and you had the integrations to help us do it," reinstates Steele.


Today, Accusoft helps Cirrus Secure facilitate the lending process through content management. When loose documents come into the platform, PrizmDoc Viewer and ImageGear help the end-user view and separate the documents within the Cirrus Secure platform.

"This integration really supports the lender workflow process from business development to processing. It truly makes the process more efficient," emphasizes Steele.

After implementing PrizmDoc Viewer and ImageGear into their application, Cirrus Secure was pleased with the result. "The integrations are extremely valuable. A lot of the prospects we speak to have to view a variety of different documents individually, so having a stable viewer and conversion system in place is crucial to our business. The integration didn't hold us up either. The process was stable and fast. We like that PrizmDoc Viewer and ImageGear were easy to customize to fit our unique needs. I'm extremely happy we decided to make the switch," summarizes Steele.


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Cirrus Secure provides clients with a high-performance software-as-a-service platform that streamlines the collection of commercial loan documentation in an encrypted, cloud-based portal—replacing the clunky collection mechanisms of the past with a sleek, comprehensive system designed for their needs. Built by lenders, the Cirrus platform enhances the efficiency of the loan process with features such as automated checklists, logins for all parties in the loan process, real-time activity logs, and the highest levels of security.