Greenway Health Provides Client Practices the ImageGear Medical Edge



Greenway Health is a health information technology vendor that specializes in handling electronic health records (EHR), practice management and revenue cycle management for its provider clients. It delivers an integrated ambulatory information solution that encompasses all health IT and revenue cycle services. Greenway partners with nearly 10,000 organizations and 75,000 progressive providers who embrace the future of value-based medicine.

  • Greenway saw the need to create an online practice management system for its growing client base.
  • The ability to manage both documents and medical images was a priority for the EHR system.
  • Greenway chose ImageGear Medical to integrate into its systems based on its flexibility and help in meeting wide-ranging federal regulations.
  • With no need to develop its own document and imaging solution, Greenway can focus on business growth and the always-evolving medical industry.
The Challenge

As medical practices became more and more digitized, Greenway Health's Medical Manager product was one of the first practice management systems to go online. At the time, however, insurance claims were still paper-based. Anticipating the shift to electronic information management, Greenway wanted to build a document and imaging solution into Medical Manager (and later into its Intergy product) that could support a variety of file types and standards without placing any limitations on its client practices.

"All of our customers need document management," said Todd Treiber, Greenway Health's vice president of product development. "There are so many different standards, the need was to have a tool that could handle the variety of documents and images that exist."

The Solution

Greenway wanted to focus its efforts on developing practice management tools and helping clients comply with industry regulations, rather than support for an extensive list of file types.

"One of ImageGear's big strengths is that it can support just about any sort of document out there. That was obviously one of the major drivers, and the fact that not only could it handle most document types, it could also handle diagnostic images," said Treiber.

Greenway developers seamlessly integrated ImageGear Medical into Medical Manager and Intergy for a much better end user experience. The company also continues to rely on Accusoft's imaging expertise for support to help providers meet Stage 3 Meaningful Use (MU) requirements, which dictate funding from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

"Unlimited [ImageGear] distribution has been very advantageous for us." said Treiber. "The licensing model has worked out, and it makes it really easy to provide a product for our customers that doesn't get in the way because of licensing restrictions."

Customer Profile
Tampa, Florida
Healthcare Information Technology and Services
Accusoft Customer
Since 2015
Business Solution
Document and image viewing with ImageGear Medical SDK

"We can focus on our business, which is helping workflows in the practice, as opposed to managing an image. That probably is the greatest advantage that we got from using a toolkit like this."

Todd Treiber
The Result

Although Treiber estimates that Greenway saved about a year of development time by integrating ImageGear into its products rather than building a custom solution, speed to market was ultimately a secondary benefit.

"We can focus on our business, which is helping workflows in the practice, as opposed to managing an image. That probably is the greatest advantage that we got from using a toolkit like this," he said. "Let (ImageGear Medical) handle that, and then we're able to focus on practice management or electronic medical records."

As Greenway Health continues to drive innovation in the changing healthcare industry, Accusoft's superior imaging technology and reliable technical support give it peace of mind to expand its customer base and provide innovative practice solutions.

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