Maricopa County Recorder & Elections Office


Barcode, ISIS Scanning, PDF handling, image viewing, image editing

“Our recording system makes available, either in our office downtown or on the internet, over 93,000,000 images dating back to January, 1984. Social security numbers have been redacted on all images available on the website. Data including our first recording on June 5, 1871 can be located on our website. Images of Plat Maps dating from 1901, and Recorded Ordinances are also available in our office or on the internet. Since August of 1999 we have accepted documents electronically as we continue to remain at the forefront of e-government. We are proud of the many recognitions we have received and that we are considered by many to be the premier recording office in the country.” – Helen Purcell, Maricopa County Recorder Maricopa County is the 4th largest county in the United States. We are proud to call the county a partner, as well as a long-time, valuable customer of Accusoft. ImagXpress, Barcode Xpress, PDF Xpress and ISIS Xpress power its award-winning recorder and election office document imaging systems. Chief Deputy Recorder Barbara Frerichs says they have scanned and redacted millions of documents using Accusoft software development kits (SDKs). Documents from June 1871 and forward are available on the Internet. This includes voter registration documents, recorder documents, and internal county documents. Maricopa County’s current processes and initiatives are considered models for other counties to follow. Jeremy Jansen, lead programmer for the digital recorder’s system, originally began looking for an imaging SDK during the late 1990’s to display documents on the Internet. He needed to build a solution that would allow individuals to be able to access information but not view the official copy, so he needed annotation technology to stamp an “unofficial” stamp on them. No other imaging SDK performed as well as ImagXpress. “We began using ImagXpress for the speed of its image display because we were viewing documents on the fly, and also its included annotation capabilities,” says Jansen. “Today, we still feel it is the most complete, robust imaging toolkit available.” Maricopa County uses:
  • Barcode Xpress to index and store every document, containing information such as the recorder number or the voter registration affidavit number.
  • ImagXpress to display and verification of documents side by side, to verify the correct information was redacted.
  • ImagXpress and ISIS Xpress to scan and process the early election ballots.
  • ImagXpress to clip out signatures on the signature roster at polling stations; verifying the person who actually voted has a signature that matches that of the registered voter.
  • ImagXpress to annotate (electronically stamp) information on the first page of every recorded document, containing identifiable information about that document.
  • ImagXpress’ ruler to see if a document contains 10 pt. font size or if a page needs to be clipped.
  • ImagXpress for various editing and manipulation tools.
  • ISIS Xpress to scan documents.
  • PDF Xpress for PDF handling, as well as accepting PDFs and passing them to ImagXpress for conversion to TIFF.
Accusoft technologies are used in multiple external and internal applications. The county is now looking at OCR Xpress to add full-page OCR, searchable text, and auto rotation capabilities to its systems. They are fully committed to continue using Accusoft technologies, and we are fully committed to supporting their future document imaging plans! Contact Information Barbara Frerichs, Chief Deputy Recorder Maricopa County Recorder and Elections Phoenix, Arizona USA