JPEG compression technology

MEDIS medical imaging systems (based in Leiden, The Netherlands) is specialized in the development, distribution and ongoing support of solutions for the quantification of medical images. The clinical end users appreciate the ease of use. Clinical researchers are convinced by the broad functionality, automated contour detection, multiple output formats. All software is extensively validated to guarantee the accuracy of the results. Therefore MEDIS software is recognized as the worldwide leader for applications for the analysis of medical images.

With DICOM as the emerging standard of digital exchange of images in medicine it became necessary to build a general platform for image viewing and manipulating. This functions as the basis where the analytical modules can be plugged into. Due to the specific nature of MEDIS software, the image quality after compression and decompression must be of the same quality as the original. Otherwise, the analytical results would not be accurate. For this reason Accusoft JPEG compression and decompression algorithms were selected and implemented into the CMS-View software, which is the basic layer to the analytical software of the CMS range of products.

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