Passenger’s Community Platform Sees Major Growth With PrizmDoc



Passenger, with home offices on both coasts, is a global private online community provider that helps companies interface directly with their customers. Its broad base of corporate clients participates in these communities to establish relationships with consumers and create an atmosphere of trust.

  • Passenger's Fuel Cycle platform product had enormous potential but needed a flexible and scalable document viewer to facilitate customer interaction.
  • PrizmDoc's ability to display dozens of file formats and general ease of use help make it an ideal solution for the needs of Fuel Cycle users.
  • Passenger clients benefit from feedback gained from dialogue with current and prospective customers.
The Challenge

Companies know that a positive customer experience is a crucial element in retaining business. Some use market research firms to better understand the needs of consumers, but Passenger sought a more direct way to help client organizations learn more about their core customer base.

Passenger thus created Fuel Cycle, an online community platform to help some of the world's leading brands engage with current and prospective customers. It gives users a voice, and helps firms gain better insight into consumer needs and tendencies.

The platform, however, needed a document solution that would enable client companies to upload and share files in their private communities. These clients knew that customers would appreciate having a document viewer embedded into the platform itself, since each community had up to 50,000 members who could provide feedback.

The Solution

Passenger sought an overarching solution that would meet the needs of this vast community base. "We looked at some self-hosted Java libraries, and also hosting through Google Docs, but nothing was quite right," said Kevin Owens, Passenger's Chief Product Officer. "We went with PrizmDoc's cloud solution. That way, we don't have to worry about software updates."

Within the Fuel Cycle community, brands receive feedback on specific content. For example, brand moderators upload PDFs or Word documents, and community members share their opinions on the product, advertisement or promotion being presented.

"We use PrizmDoc to actually display all the documents in the system. It works on mobile as well," said Owens, who added that Fuel Cycle's top priorities are global scalability and added customer support, both of which are handled by integrating PrizmDoc into the community.

Many types of files are shared within the community. PrizmDoc helps by providing a document viewer with a wide range of file format functionality. In addition to text files, PrizmDoc displays an array of image files, aiding industries from construction to medical imaging.

Customer Profile
NYC and Los Angeles
Customer Interface Solutions
Registered Users
Various, including medical, publishing, freight, web search
Accusoft Customer
Since 2014
Business Solution
Document and image viewing with PrizmDoc Cloud to interact with customers

"We went with PrizmDoc's cloud solution. That way, we don't have to worry about software updates."

Fuel Cycle
The Result

Fuel Cycle relies on PrizmDoc to provide Fortune 500 clients like Mastercard and Hertz with solutions to help bolster their online communities. As the viewer becomes further enmeshed in the platform, clients learn more about the needs of customers.

The use of PrizmDoc, in fact, has helped the Fuel Cycle community grow exponentially. And for Passenger, the lack of worry and lost development time – as well as dependability and ongoing new releases – are huge benefits from its investment in PrizmDoc.

"I know there are cost savings here because my team has spent no time in (Quality Assurance) or development," Owens said. "I know
we saved a lot of time and money by partnering with Accusoft."

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