Image editing

PhotoLynx has devolved an integrated line of software products to aid volume School and Sport Photographers and labs throughout the production process. PhotoLynx products assist the photographer, the studio, the Professional Color Lab and the School. Our focus has been on streamlining the production of digital services and traditional packages by linking PhotoLynx software to all industry standard hardware and software. PhotoLynx uses Accusoft’s ImagXpress library extensively in PhotoLynx ImageMatch, a professional image editing software, PhotoLynx ProServices and PhotoLynx ProComposites, digital service production systems. The biggest reason PhotoLynx uses ImagXpress and not other products for some of our most intensive imaging needs is simply that no other library supports has all the functions we need. Most important to us is that Accusoft’s support staff has been amazingly responsive to our technical support needs and has often gone beyond the call of duty to help our staff get the greatest value out of their product.

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