SK Education Solutions Enhances Its LMS with PrizmDoc Cloud



Learning management systems (LMS) help students and teachers collaborate on assignments effectively. From the classroom to homework, LMS solutions enable students to view their projects, submit their work, and receive feedback from their instructors seamlessly.

SK Education Solutions is an education technology company with offices in Johannesburg, South Africa and Gaborone, Botswana. Their LMS software, COL Campus, enables students to receive feedback on their assignments from their instructors using the PrizmDoc Cloud integration.

  • SK Education Solutions offers a range of software solutions for the education industry. Their LMS software is used at colleges and universities, as well as companies and banks for corporate learning. The LMS is designed to deliver access to learning materials, video content, web pages, and other resources for studying. In addition, the platform enables students to submit Word or PDF assignments and gives teachers the ability to grade the submissions online.
  • Before integrating PrizmDoc Cloud into COL Campus, SK Education Solutions used an Accusoft competitor for their document annotation needs. However, the integration was not as robust as promised, and teachers and students alike were not given the functionality they needed to work on projects efficiently.
"Our learning management system is used at all different grade levels, including universities with thousands of students. Each of these students usually study five or more subjects per semester and each subject has multiple assessments that need to be annotated and graded.”

– Shaun Swartz, CEO of SK Education Solutions


Before using PrizmDoc Cloud in COL Campus, SK Education tried a competitor's system. The functionality that was available wasn't sufficient for SK Education Solution's requirements. They needed a document viewer that provided teachers with the ability to comment, annotate, and highlight specific pieces of an assignment, while also limiting the ability of the student to read-only.

While there were a variety of reasons SK Education Solutions started looking for a new document viewer, the primary challenges included:

  • The old viewer was not customizable and did not offer many features
  • The viewer did not provide all of the functionality that SK Education Solutions required

The company began to evaluate different document viewing options for COL Campus to replace their current document viewer. "The viewing and annotation components are really important for student assessments and grading assignments," said Shaun Swartz, CEO of SK Education Solutions.

After evaluating a few other solutions, PrizmDoc Cloud became the clear choice for SK Education. Not only did they learn they could customize the viewer's viewing and annotation capabilities, but they also liked the pre-drawn annotations for quick grading.


After integrating PrizmDoc Cloud into COL Campus, Swartz has noticed that his clients have a variety of functionalities that were not available before. "It's a stable system. We don't have to worry about things falling over. When it's crunch time, students can submit assignments and teachers can grade them easily. It works as expected," says Swartz.

In addition, the integration was quick and easy. The developers at SK Education Solutions were not bogged down with the transition. "The integration was a relatively seamless process. Since the viewer was so customizable, we were able to turn off the annotation functionality when a student was viewing the document," says Swartz.

Accusoft continually works with the company to create a pricing structure that benefits their specific use case, enabling SK Education Solutions to allow students and teachers to view assignments multiple times.


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Customer Profile

Founded in 2016, SK Education Solutions, has become a leading developer of education systems. SK Education Solutions has developed the learning management system COL Campus as well as MaaS, a student retention system. The company interacts with education managers to extend its knowledge of learning challenges and provide a framework for effective and responsible management. Its team of developers are constantly working to update and improve the current systems, as well as innovate new developments that can further assist in learning and education.