The Child Alert Foundation


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The Child Alert Foundation (CAF) is a 501(c) 3 non profit tax exempt charity that is utilizing new technology to assist law enforcement in the case of missing or abducted children. The following products are currently available from CAF:
  1. Abduction Central Alert (ACA) – immediately identifies a 100 mile radius around where a reported abduction has taken place and notifies adjacent police, radio, television, and support organizations of the incident.
  2. ACA Child Identification Poster System (ACA CHIPS) - captures live video images and uses an infrared laser scanner to store fingerprints digitally on floppy diskette. The ACA CHIPS disks are given to parents for safe keeping and can be used by law enforcement to expedite the alert process if a child is reported missing.
The Abduction Central Alert (ACA) program is available to law enforcement (police, sheriff or 911) facilities only and carries a one time user registration fee. The ACA CHIPS program is available by providing a donation to the Child Alert Foundation and can be used by law enforcement, schools, and public service organizations alike. To learn more about our products, please visit our web site The Child Alert Foundation uses ImagN’, CapturePRO and the ImagXpress toolkit for all of the imaging needs of both the Abduction Central Alert (ACA) and ACA CHIPS products. CapturePRO allows pictures to be immediately scanned into the ACA system and the ImagXpress tools provides us with all the image enhancement tools we need to provide accurate digital fingerprints. Accusoft is the number one vendor for our imaging needs. Contact Information Child Alert Foundation Box 357 Route 87 South Dushore, PA 18614 Phone: (570) 928-8433 Fax: (570) 928-8110