Accusoft offers more options for .NET development than any other imaging SDK provider. Primarily a WinForms shop, we also offer an increasing number of solutions for 64-bit, WebForms, AJAX, ASP.NET, Silverlight, and the .NET Compact Framework (for mobile devices). New versions and service packs are released frequently to ensure compatibility with the most recent versions of the .NET Framework.

If you are a .NET developer, consider the following products:

ImageGear multi-platform document, medical, and photo imaging SDK
ImageGear includes tools for image viewing, compression, scanning, annotation, processing, editing, printing, and more. The SDK is available for multiple development environments, on Windows, Linux, and UNIX platforms, including 32-bit or 64-bit versions. ImageGear provides fully-managed .NET code, supporting both vector graphics and DICOM medical files. The ImageGear imaging SDKs provide developers with everything they need to build and deploy powerful imaging solutions on almost any platform.

ImagXpress® speed-optimized document and photo imaging SDK
ImagXpress is Accusoft's speed-optimized imaging SDK for document, photo, and color image application development. ImagXpress offers extensive features for image capture, compression, viewing, annotating, cleanup, and printing. Delivered as a .NET AnyCPU assembly for use in 64-bit and 32-bit environments, and as an ActiveX component for integration within 32-bit systems.

PDF Xpress™ high-level PDF and PDF/A SDK
Build applications supporting PDF file creation, editing, and viewing using licensed Adobe® technology. PDF Xpress is delivered as both a .NET Software Development Kit (SDK) and an ActiveX SDK. It is used to create PDF documents, modify and reorganize existing PDF documents, access metadata, view and create PDF/A documents, and more. PDF Xpress is frequently added on to Accusoft's ImagXpress SDK when more robust PDF features and support beyond image-only PDF are required.

FormSuite™ structured forms processing SDK collection; zonal OCR, ICR, OMR
The robust FormSuite SDK delivers document capture, image enhancement, document cleanup, editing, form identification, form dropout, zonal ICR, zonal OCR, mark recognition, image annotation, display, compression, and more. FormSuite combines all of Accusoft forms processing technologies into one offering, and is available as both .NET and ActiveX toolkits.

FormFix® structured forms processing and OMR SDK
FormFix delivers both .NET and ActiveX COM components offering bitonal template-based form identification, form registration, form drop out, and OMR technology to developers of forms processing applications. Highly flexible and optimized for speed, FormFix's superior form recognition and form registration improve ICR, OCR, and OMR accuracy. It easily interfaces with Accusoft recognition engines (see FormSuite), and with any recognition engine supporting memory-to-memory data transfers.
SmartZone™ text & handprint recognition SDK
With an industry-leading OCR accuracy rate, SmartZone delivers the World's Best OCR Technology Available! Providing both zonal OCR (optical character recognition of machine-printed text) and zonal ICR (intelligent character recognition of hand-printed characters), the SmartZone Software Development Kit (SDK) is used to build forms processing applications within either .NET or ActiveX COM development environments.

Barcode Xpress™ barcode SDK for 1D and 2D recognition
Use the Barcode Xpress Software Development Kit (SDK) for accurate, high-speed recognition of 1D and 2D barcodes in document management, indexing, and archiving software applications. Read barcodes in multiple development environments including .NET, ActiveX, Java, Java ME (for mobile devices), and Windows Workflow (WF). Barcode creation is also available for Windows platforms.

ScanFix® Xpress superior scanned image cleanup SDK
ScanFix Xpress cleans up bitonal, grayscale (8 bit) and color (24 bit) images, typically in preparation of capture processing (forms processing, OCR, barcode, etc.) or archive of image contents. It contains enhanced document image cleanup and automated image processing designed for use in developing scanning, forms processing, OCR/ICR and workflow applications.

ISIS® Xpress™ high-speed ISIS scanning SDK
ISIS Xpress is a powerful software development kit (SDK) used in either .NET or ActiveX COM development environments to control high-speed ISIS® scanners. Designed for high-speed scanning of black/white, grayscale and color documents, it supports simultaneous image capture (multistreaming) and provides access to ISIS scanner features.