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DeveloperWeek 2018

Oakland Convention Center,
550 10th Street,
Oakland, CA 94607

DeveloperWeek 2018 San Francisco Bay Area is the world’s largest developer trade show & conference with 8,000+ attendees from 40+ countries around the world, 100+ exhibitors, 5 independent multiple track conferences with 200+ conference talks, DevExecWorld, the DEVIES Awards, a 900+ attendee dev hiring mixer, 900+ attendee hackathon, and a week of dozens of partner events. DeveloperWeek targets Application Developers, Dev Managers, CTOs, and DevOps Engineers with topics covering VR Dev, AI Dev, APIs & Microservices, Robotics, Blockchain, Mobile Dev and Javascript. DeveloperWeek is more than a conference, it is the convergence of Silicon Valley & West Coast developer innovation at the world’s largest global developer event.

Booth TBA

Start Date: 12/04/2023
End Date: 12/04/2023