Key Features:

  • Extensive File Format Support
  • Document and Photo Image Editing and Processing
  • Interactive Annotations for Image Mark-up
  • TWAIN Scanning and Cloud Capture
  • Comprehensive Print controls
SDK Support Offered For:
See how the ImageGear for Silverlight toolkit makes server-side processing a thing of the past!

Designed for Silverlight 4.0, developers have access to high-level controls, a fast display engine with sophisticated layout options and powerful image processing.

Centralize user solutions on a single user interface and implement robust annotation support to promote enterprise collaboration between your users.

Create high performance custom imaging applications that handle image display and processing on the client system (reduce time, cost, and your dependence on full-time operational server connections).

See how ImageGear for Silverlight makes server-side processing a thing of the past!
Create a better line of business apps. Faster.
Scan To The Cloud!

Enable web applications to communicate with document scanners.
Expand the capabilities of ImageGear for Silverlight

ImageGear Medical
Display, create and edit DICOM medical image files.
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ImageGear for Silverlight Customers
  • Supports highly flexible image file reading and writing
  • Enables access to all pages of any multi-page file
  • Offers robust save options for complete format control of all supported formats
  • Delivers fast TIFF, JPEG, GIF, MO:DCA, and Group IV processing
  • Includes Simple URL Loading (regular image loading APIs) and Advanced Loading (special API to load a file from URL, FTP, or Gopher)
  • Features a call-back mechanism for adding your own algorithms during load and save
  • Allows access to each line of an image while loading and saving
  • Supports the replacement of IO functions (read, write, seek, etc.) with your own functions, if desired
  • Reads from memory, path, URL, FTP, port, and more
  • Reads any sub-region of an image
  • Grants access to all file metadata while loading
  • Loads images from an offset location within a file, saves images to files at specified offsets (data binding), decodes images using various compression algorithms without specific format headers, and imports/exports images from/to various types of memory formats
  • Offers easy to implement UI elements with XML-based annotation for images and medical data
  • Provides comprehensive Annotation Support, including Adding, Editing, Burning-In, and Deleting
  • Clipboard support allows users to copy and paste text based annotations to and from the clipboard
  • Custom annotations support allowing developers to define their own annotation types
  • Contains the Accusoft Redlining Toolkit™ (ART), enabling annotation on images and documents such as Lines, Arrows, Highlighting, Sticky Notes, and much more

The ART component provides the ability to annotate images and documents, including "sticky" note attachments, highlights, arrows, markers, free-form text, and other indicators. It also includes redaction capabilities for censoring sensitive documents. Annotations can be merged with an image or kept in a separate file and overlaid on the image at display time. In this way, the original image is never directly altered. The ART component is a flexible and powerful annotation toolkit. It provides a convenient way to add annotations, drawings, hyperlinks, and more to your images.