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SDKs to let you easily create, modify, enhance, compress, and display PDF files.

Whether you just need to arrange pages and bookmarks, or you need to control the details of every PDF object, we have the PDF toolkit to handle PDF and PDF/A files in your application.

Use our comparison table to determine whether PDF Xpress or ImageGear is the best solution for your application.

PDF Solutions Comparison Table

High-level for fast implementation

A high-level SDK for easy manipulation of PDF documents. Render PDFs, create image-based PDF files, edit bookmarks and metadata, convert to PDF/A, compress PDFs and more.
PDF Xpress

.NET 32/64-bit | ActiveX 32-bit

Extensive low-level manipulation

A comprehensive SDK that allows PDF experts more granular access to the PDF, including rendering, creation and low-level access to PDF objects.

.NET 32/64-bit | ActiveX 32-bit DLL 32/64-bit | UNIX | Linux


PDF Solutions Comparison Table

Feature PDF Xpress ImageGear
(PDF Support)
ImageGear for .NET
(PDF Support)
Read PDFs thru version 1.7 from disk or memory
Write PDFs to disk or memory v 1.6 thru 1.7 thru 1.7
Handle PDFs with images compressed with LZW, flate, RLE, G3/G4, JBIG2, JPEG, or JPEG 2000
Create new PDF documents
Insert, move, and delete pages
Extract text from PDFs
Add, edit, and delete Metadata
Search and highlight text strings
Rasterize and Linearize PDFs
Read and write PDF annotations
Import XFDF annotations    
Create PDF/A-1b files (image-only)  
Extract images and pages
Verify PDF/A and PDF/X compliance  
Edit PDF elements and objects  
Read and edit Security settings
Work with U3D content  
Modify Layers and Destinations  
Open PostScript and EPS files  
Read and write EPS files  
Font creation, embedding, subsets  
Advanced CMYK and Pantone color support  
* Note: PDF Xpress requires the ImagXpress SDK for image manipulation or display.