Accusoft Expands ImageGear Offerings with ImageGear for Java


Quickly integrate image processing and file conversion into Java applications

TAMPA, Fla. - May 3, 2012 - Accusoft, the leading provider of document, content and imaging solutions, announces its expanded product portfolio with the release of ImageGear for Java™, imaging software development toolkit (SDK). Simplify workflow processes by converting, compressing and saving files in one consistent format for processing and storage.

Document management systems process files in a variety of differing image formats. For example, an insurance carrier claims processing department that communicates with the carrier’s various independent agents will receive numerous types of files. Using ImageGear for Java an application can be built to convert, compress, and save the files in common format to simplify processing and minimize storage.

The ImageGear for Java SDK supports commonly used and industry specific file formats including GIF, TIFF, DICOM and more. It is an easy to use, robust imaging API for Java developers who need to incorporate low level image processing into their applications, while maintaining the highest level of control. With ImageGear for Java, developers can completely control the image conversion process. The flexible image processing API allows users to control color space conversion, allowing applications to maintain color detail when moving from a high resolution CMYK Digital Camera image to RGB JPEG for web display. ImageGear for Java puts you in control of your images.

The enhanced image processing capabilities of ImageGear for Java enable automated image clean up processes to deskew, despeckle, crop, resize and create thumbnail images. All of this functionality is offered in a pure Java solution, providing your applications with the efficiency, security and portability they rely on.

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