Accusoft Releases ImageGear Professional v17.2 for ActiveX


Imaging SDK with updated support for PDF, DICOM and Camera RAW support

TAMPA, Fla. - August 30, 2012 - Accusoft, the leading provider of document, content and imaging solutions, today releases ImageGear Professional v17.2 ActiveX SDK, and also releases service pack updates for the 32 and 64-bit DLL imaging SDKs.

The ImageGear Professional imaging component allows businesses to provide hundreds of imaging functions and develop applications with the ability to scan, display, annotate, convert, load, search images and more. Document management, DICOM viewing, and image conversion are a few examples of the types of applications built using ImageGear Professional.

Companies that utilize ImageGear Professional for document management take advantage of its robust ability to convert files, enhance images with hole-punch and line removal, auto-crop and more. The results provide clean images for a seamless document management process.

“We are excited to provide this significant update for our ActiveX customers using ImageGear Professional. The service pack release of ImageGear Professional DLL continues to improve upon the v17 DLL release from earlier this year,” said Steve Wilson, Director of Native Core Imaging for Accusoft. “Updates to ImageGear Professional ActiveX include updated support for the most important formats used by our customers, including updated support for Camera RAW, PDF and updates to the DICOM Data Dictionary.”

As of this release, ImageGear Professional for DLL and ActiveX can render vector files more than 4 times faster with improved Direct3D performance; open, save and modify PDF files using the latest PDF standards; and support reading DICOM images containing fragmented JPEG or JPEG 2000 pixel data.

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