ImageGear for .NET and Silverlight Add Cloud Capture


Accusoft enables cost saving workflows through document capture to the Cloud

TAMPA, Fla. - April 18, 2012 - Accusoft, the leading provider of document, content and imaging solutions, announces the release of ImageGear for .NET v19.4 and ImageGear for Silverlight v19.3 with Cloud capture technology.

Enterprises and software vendors are continuously looking for ways to lower the costs of software development and distribution. Traditional document capture solutions have prevented many enterprises form taking advantage of these savings in their applications. The ability to enable document capture in web applications can reduce the number of applications an organization needs to build and maintain lowering development costs, and freeing up developers for other projects.

“The latest updates to ImageGear give our customers the ability to migrate document scanning applications to a web deployed application,” said Russ Puskaric, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Accusoft. “As more businesses are transitioning to web based applications, ImageGear for .NET and ImageGear for Silverlight provide the tools needed to take advantage of this new and pioneering way of distributing applications.”

Scanning documents into web applications is problematic with traditional scanning technologies because they generally require a desktop application or use of an ActiveX control. ImageGear’s new Cloud capture technology gives web applications full control of the scanner and its capabilities through a local web service. This enables the creation of a true zero footprint document capture web application.

Using ImageGear’s ASP.NET and ISIS Cloud capture functionality, web application developers can provide a seamless customer experience for document capture and display. The ImageGear for .NET toolkit provides developers with all of the controls required to build a robust HTML5 based image display and capture application.

For more information or to download the current update for ImageGear for .NET and ImageGear for Silverlight, visit

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