ImageGear v17 for .NET (ASP.NET, WPF) & Silverlight Released by Accusoft Pegasus


Today’s SDK release offers superior imaging features for the latest web and client development environments.

TAMPA, Fla. – September 10, 2009 – Accusoft Pegasus, the leading provider of imaging software development kits (SDKs), today announces the release of ImageGear Version 17 for .NET and Silverlight. The new ImageGear SDKs deliver powerful tools that accelerate development of custom imaging applications using ASP.NET, WPF, and Silverlight. This enables software developers to quickly build image display, annotation, compression and processing into software applications using the latest, most flexible platforms available.

Within ImageGear for .NET, a new ASP.NET client-server solution provides a “zero footprint” web-based viewer that requires no client installation. It harnesses the client CPU to deliver a faster, crisper viewing experience than competing AJAX offerings. The result is image viewing support for 100 file formats including TIFF and PDF, and improved operator efficiency.

Today’s release also adds image annotation support for WPF and Silverlight. ImageGear for .NET and Silverlight allow rich viewing experiences with advanced user interface features while promoting document collaboration between users through powerful annotation capabilities. Documents can be marked up and shared by viewers, enabling new workflow solutions within and between enterprises. For WPF and Silverlight development environments, software engineers are provided high-level controls, a fast display engine, and sophisticated layout options.

With this release, the ImageGear .NET and Silverlight SDKs now allow developers to deploy smaller assemblies that include only those major features required by their applications. This reduces the overall size of applications built with ImageGear, saving time and disk space as they are distributed and installed by end users.

“Today marks a milestone in our efforts to combine the formerly separate Accusoft and Pegasus Imaging engineering teams. ImageGear 17 delivers additional imaging features on the latest platforms, using innovative methods,” says Jack Berlin, founder and CEO of Accusoft Pegasus. “This project integrated our very talented teams at all levels, and I’m extremely proud of the quality upgrade we are offering to our former Accusoft, and now Accusoft Pegasus customers. This release shows we are committed to supporting our customers better than any other imaging SDK provider in the industry.”

ImageGear controls the image capture process and strictly adheres to image compression standards. Software engineers use ImageGear to build applications for end users that display, convert, and manipulate over 100 image file types through a common interface, including raster files such as TIFF and JPEG, and vector files including PDF and CAD. The annotation support facilitates enterprise collaboration, and the image processing features improve image display quality and reduce file sizes.

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