Patent for JPEG 2000 Image Decompression Speed Optimization Granted to Accusoft Pegasus


TAMPA, Fla. – November 30, 2009 – Accusoft Pegasus, the leading provider of imaging software development kits (SDKs), today announces it has been granted United States Patent 7,609,895 for its unique method of implementing an image decoding operation used for JPEG 2000. This patent protects unique speed optimizations only offered by Accusoft Pegasus.

Enterprises, OEMs, ISVs, VARs, and integrators benefit from Accusoft Pegasus’ technical proficiency in optimizing standards-based image compression and decompression for speed. Since 1991, Accusoft Pegasus has delivered high speed, high quality, and easy to use standards-based image compression technologies to its customers. The patented JPEG 2000 technology is available within the low-level PICTools™ Software Development Kit (SDK) and within the .NET and ActiveX ImagXpress™ SDK. A license and support agreement may be obtained directly from Accusoft Pegasus.

The patented speed optimization was invented by Accusoft Pegasus Chief Scientist Dr. John Elton, with Pegasus Imaging (DBA Accusoft Pegasus) as the assignee. The patent application was first filed in November 2004 and the patent was granted in October 2009. More information can be found at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website.

“The ability to rapidly view large images on remote workstations is critical to our medical imaging OEM customers,” says Jack Berlin, president and CEO of Accusoft Pegasus. “We’re proud to announce this patent and clearly place a very high level of importance on being the market leader in JPEG 2000 image compression and decompression speed.”

The patented implementation of JPEG 2000 image decompression is included within two Accusoft Pegasus SDKs. PICTools SDKs contain low-level C libraries offering advanced image compression, decompression, and editing. The technologies are supported across multiple 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, LINUX, Solaris SPARC, Solaris x86, and IBM AIX. ImagXpress is Accusoft Pegasus’ comprehensive .NET and ActiveX image processing toolkit designed for document imaging, forms processing, photo and color imaging application development.

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Accusoft, Pegasus, and ImagXpress are registered trademarks, and PICTools is a trademark, of Pegasus Imaging Corporation (DBA Accusoft Pegasus) in the United States and/or other countries.

About Accusoft Pegasus

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