Mobile Imaging SDK

Use the AIMTools mobile imaging SDK to build one-of-a-kind mobile apps for viewing, compressing, and decompressing grayscale medical images on iPad®, iPhone®, and Android™ mobile devices. Commonly used in the medical industry, medical professionals can access multi-format medical images critical to to their work, without sacrificing important image details.

why should you use AIMTools, a mobile imaging sdk?

mobile viewing

A mobile SDK, AIM Tools helps developers stay competitive in tomorrow’s medical apps by empowering rapid collaboration among physicians and the viewing of EHRs by patients.

TIFF viewing

Using AIMTools, documents scanned and stored as TIFFs can now be viewed on iPads, iPhones and Android devices.

advanced compression

Lossless document images stored as JPEG 2000 images can be viewed with no loss of detail on mobile devices.

Are you a PICTools customer?

Enjoy a quick start to your development by taking advantage of an API you already know. Built from highly optimized C JPEG decompression code used worldwide by some of the largest medical imaging companies.