mobile barcode scanner app

The Barcode Scanner App demonstrates the use of the Barcode Xpress Mobile SDK (available in versions for iOS and Android development). Explore how you can build a powerful barcode-capable app for industry, retail, inventory or any other application type.

Accusoft’s Barcode Xpress Mobile SDK includes everything you need to start building your barcode-aware app. You can use even the source code from the two demo apps as a reference for your own application.

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The app opens with a scanning screen. Simply position the barcode in the middle of the screen and the app will instantly decode it. A variety of options are available after successful recognition, depending on the data encoded in the barcode:


Use URIs to jump to a web address at the click of a button.

product barcodes

Scan product barcodes to locate the source with the best price.

book IDs

Use ISBNs to find a library or bookstore carrying a specific title.

text strings

Share decoded text by email or SMS, or use it in a web search.

supported barcode types

2D types


1D types

Australian Post 4-State Barcode
BCD Matrix
Code 128
Code 2 of 5
Code 32
Code 39

Code 39 Extended
Code 93
Code 93 Extended
DataLogic 2 of 5
EAN 128
IATA 2 of 5
Industrial 2 of 5

Intelligent Mail
Interleaved 2 of 5
Inverted 2 of 5
Matrix 2 of 5
Patch Code
Royal Post 4-State Barcode