Mobile Barcode API Demo

We provide demos and sample code so developers can examine Barcode Xpress Mobile in more detail. Try the items below to see why Barcode Xpress Mobile is right for you.

Download our Barcode Scanner app to try Barcode Xpress’ highly accurate barcode engine without having to write any code.

You’ll discover speed and accuracy that you won’t find in other barcode offerings. Plus, our products support a vast number of barcode types that others don’t. Download Barcode Scanner for Android and iOS to see our superior barcode technology in action.

Code samples for mobile applications

When you download this mobile SDK, we provide sample apps to help you get started more easily.

BXCameraSample for Android

A mobile barcode demo app that shows how you can use the Barcode Xpress SDK to interact with the camera on an Android device to do real-time barcode scanning.

BXFileSample for Android

This mobile barcode demo app demonstrates how the toolkit can read a static image, find a barcode in the image, and decode it. It shows how the mobile API can be used without the complexity of camera management.

BXDemo Sample for iOS

With this mobile barcode demo app, you’ll see how you can create an app for an iOS device with a camera, such as the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S (or higher), or iPad 2 (or higher).

Looking for a web sample instead?

Run our online demo and recognize barcodes using your own images:

Try the Online Demo