Enhance Your Application's Functionality With MICR OCR

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) is a technology used to verify the origin of paper documents, specifically checks. There is special ink that is sensitive to magnetic fields. This ink is used in printing certain characters on documents like a check.

How does it work? The ink contains iron oxide and the plane of the paper is magnetized, allowing MICR readers to pick up the special characters that often look like a barcode at the bottom of the check. It offers legitimacy to the document so that banks know the check is authentic.

Using MICR OCR in FormSuite

With FormSuite, you can give your users the ability to recognize MICR codes with ease. What does the MICR OCR add-on for FormSuite include?

  • Recognizes MICR*
  • Identifies E-13B font within configurable zones
  • Returns confidence values for each character, field, and line
  • Parses MICR text into fields defined by ASC X9, Inc.
    (see standards document ANSI X9.100-160-1-2004)

If you need a way for your users to identify and process MICR codes, give FormSuite a try. Contact our engineers to schedule a demo of this functionality today.

*MICR Support is available as an add-on

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