ImageGear Features: Printing

ImageGear has a variety of features and functionalities for all of our platforms. See what options are available in your preferred platform.

Integrate an Image Printing SDK

ImageGear’s print functionality maximizes image print quality and control while minimizing the time and effort required to integrate print functions.

Overcome inherent print driver limitations to ensure the highest possible print quality, the correct size and resolution, and accurate color. You can also print single or multi-page documents. Functions control your sizes, color correction, pagination, and the ability to build custom printing dialogs. ImageGear provides the following print capabilities:

  • Complete control when printing to any printer
  • High-quality printing with auto-color reduction
  • Single-page or multi-page print options
  • Automatically size to full, half, quarter, eighth, and sixteenth page, with auto page centering, or specific placement
  • Print images to specified location with a specified size
  • Print multiple images on a single page
  • Print a single image onto multiple pages to create posters of any size