Add PDF functionality to your Java-based applications without needing to understand how PDFs work or having to write and test thousands of lines of code to develop your own Java solution. This SDK, which is a complementary product to ImageGear for Java, gives you the ability to create, add, manipulate, and save PDF pages from your application.

Development toolkits start at: $800
Deployment runtimes start at: $80

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Why you should use ImageGear for Java PDF SDK to add PDF creation capabilities to your applications

Integrates directly with ImageGear for Java SDK for image file format support and image processing, allowing you to:

  • Reduce time to market when adding PDF support
  • Manipulate image size and resolution
  • Correctly handle images:
    • with any aspect ratio (e.g. fax images)
    • in different color spaces (e.g. reads CMYK JPG or CMYK TIFF images as well as RGB)
    • with alpha layers and transparency (e.g. PNG)