Transform tedious paper-based tasks and forms into efficient digital processes.


Transform Your Business Processes

Ditch the Paper

Take paper out of the process for quicker turnaround times and enhanced trackability.

Enter Data Once

Collect data more accurately and flow it through to other forms and systems automatically.

Stop Process Chaos

Automate repetitive processes to prevent tasks from getting stalled, derailed or completely forgotten.

Fast Form Creator

Automatically find and place fields on your document to create reusable digital forms in minutes.

  • Create smarter forms
  • Save time and money
  • Phase out paper

Dynamic Web Forms

Ditch static pdfs to collect data faster and more accurately with mobile-responsive web forms.

  • Higher form completion rates
  • Eliminate redundant data entry
  • Faster turnaround times

Digital Signatures

Ensure trackable transactions and get documents completed and returned faster from any device.

  • Sign anytime anywhere
  • Stop faxing, mailing, and waiting
  • Safer than paper

Process Builder

Easily map, replicate, and update your business processes with an intuitive, no-code workflow tool.

  • No code needed
  • Build and scale processes
  • Track progress and completion


Populate documents with ease from data in web forms and other systems or databases.

  • Enter data once
  • Avoid inaccurate data
  • Route data safely


Leverage existing data and documents to ensure accuracy by connecting all of your line of business systems.

  • No siloed data
  • Stop redundant data entry
  • Connect systems with processes


Keep yourself and your team members proactively informed and on track throughout the process.

  • Automate status & task notifications
  • Prevent bottlenecks
  • Stop sifting through spreadsheets

Formula 55 Implements OnTask to Streamline Gym Registration

When it comes to opening and running a fitness center, there’s a lot of paperwork involved. Between the application, contract, and waivers, there are a variety of processes that must be streamlined from start to finish. This struggle was no exception for Formula 55. Founded in 2006 by trainer Beau Taillefer, the program originally started with a few clients.

OnTask helped us streamline the application process, create more forms, and execute the e-signature process. We used to email waivers, but now we look more professional because of OnTask.

Monica Zayas
Chief Operating Officer, Formula 55