Business Process Automation

Boost Your Company’s Productivity and Revenue With Process Automation


Utilizing Accusoft’s document and imaging tools OnTask, a no-code, end-user web-based business process automation software, helps you put your processes on autopilot. From sales contracts to vendor agreements to CAPEX approvals, get external and internal processes completed faster and eliminate wasted time throughout your organization.



How Our Business Process Automation Tool Helps

With OnTask’s powerful features, you can cut out needless administrative tasks and accelerate the time it takes to complete your business transactions.


Workflow Automation

No matter how simple or complex your processes may be, everyone from your Sales Manager to Director of Finance can build and deploy customize workflows to meet your unique business processes. Learn more >

Fillable Forms

Whether your processes need web-based or document-based forms, OnTask has you covered. Collect information faster and more accurately by taking the guesswork out of handwritten form responses and ensure accurate data. Learn more >

Digital Signatures

Now you don’t have to choose between workflow automation and digital signing. With OnTask, you can collect secure, legally binding e-signatures in minutes, not days. Learn more >

The Benefits of OnTask


Boost Efficiency & Revenue

Through OnTask, you can save money by automating mundane processes, which enables your employees to better use their time on more worthwhile opportunities like building revenue or retaining customers.

Keep on Track

With the OnTask dashboard, you can easily see which workflows are in progress and which workflows are completed. Sleep easy knowing you can always know the status of your processes.

Maximize Time

Employees spend 46% of their work hours actually working. That’s more than half of your time (and money) wasted! By automating you can improve your processes savings—say goodbye to late fees, lapsed customers, and unnecessary expenses.