PDF Xpress - PDF library for .NET / C# developers

All pricing varies based on product, deployment and other variables.

For clarifications or assistance in the purchasing process contact us for more information about PDF Xpress.


development kit pricing

.NET 32/64-bit (AnyCPU)

reader edition:

$1,600 each

professional edition:

$2,100 each

ActiveX 32-bit

reader edition:

$1,600 each

professional edition:

$2,100 each


deployment Licensing – This product requires deployment licensing

server install
Server Installations are licensed per processor, annually. Minimum 2 processors per server. Annual fees may not apply to ISV/OEM deployments. ISVs and OEMs may contact us to establish a licensing agreement.
$1,800 each *

* per processor

desktop pc install
A minimum of 5 Desktop PC Installation licenses are required for first time purchases (for quantities less than 5, please contact sales).
1-4 runtimes:

$120 each install

5-9 runtimes:

$100 each install

10-24 runtimes:

$80 each install

25-49+ runtimes:

$70 each install

For distribution quantities over 50, additional discounts are provided through a Software License Agreement. Please contact us for more information or email us at sales@accusoft.com.


more information on support agreements

contact sales to purchase support