Thank you for your interest in PrizmDoc Editor

The PrizmDoc Editor Docker image makes it easy to evaluate our product on a single machine. Running the image will allow you to access a demo at http://localhost:21412/demo where you can easily explore the product and its features. It will also start a server which you can begin using for local development of your application.

For installation guidance, refer to the instructions below or our getting started guide here.

Docker Container

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Before running this Docker image, you MUST configure Docker to use the following minimum hardware resources: 2 CPUs and 7.5 GB memory. If you try to run the image with fewer CPUs or less memory, it may not function correctly.

Getting Started

First, pull the latest version of this image:

docker pull accusoft/prizmdoc-editor

Then, start a running container:

docker run -d --rm --env ACCEPT_EULA=YES --publish 21412:21412 --name prizmdoc-editor accusoft/prizmdoc-editor


Optional: Providing a License Key

The example above starts PrizmDoc Editor without a license key where downloading is restricted. If you would like this restriction removed, contact us for a 30-day trial license key.

docker run -d --rm --env ACCEPT_EULA=YES --env LICENSE_KEY=YOUR_LICENSE_KEY --publish 21412:21412 --name prizmdoc-editor accusoft/prizmdoc-editor


To stop the running server, docker stop your named container.


Next Steps

Explore our common use cases and steps on how to use our most popular APIs with how-to topics. Included in sample code for node.js and C# for the following tasks:

NOTE: In evaluation mode, downloading is disabled. After you have completed your evaluation and are ready to deploy to production,
contact us to obtain a deployment license.