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How ImageGear & PrizmDoc Viewer Simplify PDF Viewing & Editing

PDF Viewing Editing


Most businesses struggle with processing and viewing documents that flow into the office every day.  From the receipt of printed documents to documents photographed on a consumer’s phone and emailed, the wide assortment of file formats available today make document processing and collaboration a challenge.  A company is only as strong as the data they can access and analyze. Integrating document processing and viewing solutions into an existing document management application, or added into a new application can assist with expediting the capture and import of business-critical information into company databases.  One very important solution is PDF viewing and editing.

Whether you are an independent software vendor (ISV) or developer who works directly in the industry of healthcare, insurance, legal, financial, or government, we have solutions that, when embedded in your application deliver the document processing, capture, viewing, and collaboration capabilities your users need.

Document Processing, Extraction, and Capture

As COVID-19 continues to affect businesses across the globe, it is transforming remote work policies for all industries. Companies are having to create new practices around document management. Documents that were once delivered to a company either in person or via postal service are now needing to be transmitted electronically to a remote employee. Remote employees, in turn, are needing a more efficient way to view these documents, extract the data, and collaborate with other departments. Therefore, it has become paramount for developers to enhance applications with a software development kit (SDK) for the processing of documents. 

ImageGear PDF is one such SDK.  With support for common image formats such as BMP, PNG, JPEG, PDF, TIFF, and more. ImageGear PDF allows users to load an image from supported locations such as a file, URL, or memory.  The document processing and manipulation options available for developers to expose to users when integrating ImageGear PDF include:

  • Convert and Compress Documents
    • Convert to and from PDF, and specify the compression settings that will suit your needs.
  • Manipulate Documents
    • Split or Merge files, as well as add, remove, or rearrange pages in a PDF.
  • Compare Documents
    • Compare text and image contents of two documents, saving a new document with the changes highlighted as markup.
  • Work with PDF Forms
    • Read, write, and create interactive form fields with the PDF AcroForms feature.
  • Secure Documents
    • Secure your PDF documents with encryption and password access. Decrypt password-protected documents and save them with or without encryption.
  • Protect PDFs with Digital Signature
    • Digitally sign documents to certify their integrity, allow or deny changes, and confirm creator identity.
  • Create searchable documents with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) add-on
    • Optical Character Recognition functionality recognizes text and images, including support for language detection, zones, and confidence reporting. 

These features assist developers with creating document processing tools within their applications that speed up the capture process and address the business need for access to data quickly.

Secure Viewing and Collaboration

While ImageGear PDF has accommodated the document processing and data capture requirements, users need the ability to view and collaborate on those documents.  Adding PrizmDoc Viewer gives users access to an in-application document viewer, allowing them to securely view and collaborate on a wide variety of file formats with ease.  

By adding the jQuery plugin to your web application with minimal code, you can use the full features of the Viewer with no customization necessary. However, there are several ways to customize the Viewer, from quick integrations with minimal configuration to complete control over the Viewer API. See our developer guide for more information.

PrizmDoc Viewer also comes with a powerful server REST API for automated, backend document processing, including:

  • Redaction 
    • Perform an auto-redaction process that finds matches of a given regular expression such as a social security number, permanently removes the text, and blacks out the displayed region. The end result is a PDF document with no traces of the text.
  • Annotation
    • Create, read, update, and delete operations on annotations. Other API methods available are for selection/de-selection of marks, obtaining selected annotations, re-ordering of annotation mark objects (within a z-order of a page), and loading and saving of annotations.
  • Advanced Search
    • Perform server-side searching and text retrieval of a document with a search context and a search task REST API. A search task represents an asynchronous full-text search of a document (via a search context) and yields results as they become available.
  • Document Compare 
    • Compare two documents and output a document that indicates the differences between the two, such as formatting changes, grammatical changes, or the addition or omission of content.

Better Together: ImageGear PDF & PrizmDoc Viewer

ImageGear PDF and PrizmDoc Viewer work together to enable users to view files in almost any format, convert files into a standardized format such as PDF, and extract key data points with optical character recognition (OCR) technology.  

By integrating solutions such as ImageGear PDF and PrizmDoc Viewer, developers can turn their expertise to focus on the user experience all while shortening the time to market for their application. ImageGear PDF offloads the heavy lifting of maintaining and updating file libraries, while PrizmDoc Viewer offers document security and control. 

Companies like yours are already benefiting from adding ImageGear PDF and PrizmDoc Viewer into their applications. Learn how Cirrus Secure integrated these products in their application. Read the case study.

Tracy Schlabach, Senior Manager, Product and Customer Marketing

Tracy Schlabach is Senior Manager, Product and Customer Marketing at Accusoft.  In this role, she supervises the customer and events teams as well as leads the marketing direction and strategic vision for Accusoft’s SDK products. Prior to Accusoft, Tracy handled product marketing for Tech Data and Arrow Electronics. At these companies, she was responsible for driving product strategy and direction. In her free time, Tracy can be found mentoring young marketing professionals, reading a good book with a glass of bourbon, or heading off on adventures in her WinnieWeGo camper with her Australian Shepherds.