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Upgrade Your PDF Features with Accusoft PDF Viewer Professional Version

In March of 2021, Accusoft unveiled the Standard version of Accusoft PDF Viewer, a free-to-use JavaScript PDF SDK built upon the solid foundation of the open-source PDF.js library. The lightweight integration was designed to deliver high-fidelity PDF rendering with a responsive viewing interface, lightning-fast search capabilities, and no external server dependencies. As a 100% client-side solution, Accusoft PDF Viewer can be incorporated into any web application with just a few lines of code to deliver a consistent viewing experience across all devices and screen types.

Of course, we recognize that many developers need more than just viewing capabilities from their PDF SDK. They want to be able to facilitate collaboration and business transactions while further customizing the viewing experience to meet their application needs. That’s why we’re excited to announce the release of the Professional version of Accusoft PDF Viewer, which greatly expands the JavaScript library’s capabilities without compromising performance or flexibility. 

Upgrade Your PDF Functionality with New Features

In addition to providing all of the same features as the free-to-use Standard version, Accusoft PDF Viewer Professional offers a variety of new capabilities that can greatly enhance a web application’s PDF functionality. The JavaScript-based SDK still runs entirely within the browser, and none of the Professional features require external server configurations.

PDF Annotation Tools

One of the biggest challenges with open-source PDF.js libraries is the complete lack of native annotation support. While it’s possible to build markup features to support those integrations, most developers don’t have the time, expertise, or resources to do so. With Accusoft PDF Viewer Professional, now they can add PDF annotation capabilities to their web applications with just a few lines of code. Accusoft PDF Viewer Professional provides five annotation tools (with more on the way):

  • Freehand
  • Text Highlighting
  • Rectangles/Squares
  • Ovals/Circles
  • Lines/Lines with Arrows

The viewer’s annotation API also allows developers to programmatically retrieve and store markups for use across multiple files.

Electronic Signature

The ability to sign documents electronically is fast becoming a business necessity for many applications. Accusoft PDF Viewer Professional offers eSignature which allows users to quickly sign documents on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Using the new freehand annotation tools, they can easily draw an electronic signature using a mouse, stylus, or finger.

Customizable UI

Accusoft PDF Viewer Professional takes the SDK’s responsive viewing to another level by allowing developers to customize elements of the user interface. Toolbar elements can be added or removed within the application, which makes it much easier to control the overall viewing experience. For instance, printing or downloading features can be removed to reduce the risk of version confusion, while new functions can be incorporated as the application introduces new capabilities to users. 

White Label Customization

Clear and consistent branding is an essential element of successful software applications. Apart from creating a cohesive aesthetic experience, branding helps to avoid confusion and build trust. If someone opens a viewer that doesn’t match the experience they’ve found in other aspects of the application, they might mistakenly think they’ve navigated to a different program. Thanks to Accusoft PDF Viewer Professional’s white labeling feature, developers can replace Accusoft’s branding with their own to create a seamless application experience.

Expand Your Software’s PDF Potential

Accusoft PDF Viewer Professional delivers many of the enhanced features developers often expect from more complex, server-dependent integrations. With the ability to support PDF annotation markups and eSignatures, it’s now easier than ever to build web applications capable of delivering a consistent and complete user experience without having to switch between multiple programs or platforms. All it takes is a few lines of code to integrate high-quality PDF viewing that delivers responsive performance across multiple device types.

As a paid solution, Accusoft PDF Viewer Professional also comes with comprehensive support services that can help developers overcome implementation and operational challenges. Our experienced PDF team has the tools and expertise needed to resolve issues quickly and effectively before they have a chance to impact business. 

We’re also constantly working to add new features to Accusoft PDF Viewer based on market trends and customer feedback. With three decades of experience creating document viewing solutions, we know how important it is to deliver the practical functionality developers need most. Stay tuned for future announcements regarding new capabilities.

To get a hands-on look at the latest features available for Accusoft PDF Viewer Professional, try our demo . When you’re ready to evaluate our JavaScript PDF SDK in your environment, download the free-to-use Standard version or request a trial key for the Professional version here. It’s the fastest way to bring your latest web application’s PDF capabilities in line with customer expectations, so get your integration started today!