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SK Education Solutions Enhances Its LMS with PrizmDoc Cloud

Learning management systems (LMS) help students and teachers collaborate on assignments effectively. From the classroom to homework, LMS solutions enable students to view their projects, submit their work, and receive feedback from their instructors seamlessly.

After evaluating a few other solutions, PrizmDoc™ Cloud became the clear choice for SK Education. Not only did they learn they could customize the viewer’s viewing and annotation capabilities, but they also liked the pre-drawn annotations for quick grading.

Before using PrizmDoc Cloud in COL Campus, SK Education tried a competitor’s system. The functionality that was available wasn’t sufficient for SK Education Solution’s requirements. They needed a document viewer that provided teachers with the ability to comment, annotate, and highlight specific pieces of an assignment, while also limiting the ability of the student to read-only.Learn how PrizmDoc helps.

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