Capture the image and control the device.

  • Build custom scanner interfaces
  • High-speed scanning of color, grayscale, and black & white documents
  • Simultaneous image capture capability
ISIS Xpress

.NET | ActiveX

Use ISIS Xpress to add ISIS scanning control to your applications with custom scanner interfaces. It is designed for high-speed scanning of color, grayscale, and black & white documents. ISIS Xpress supports simultaneous image capture and provides programmable access to scanner features.


.NET 32/64-bit | WPF | Silverlight | ASP.NET | ActiveX 32-bit | Unix 32/64-bit

ImageGear includes tools for image compression, scanning, and more, and includes managed .NET code. It provides developers everything they need to build and deploy powerful imaging solutions on almost any platform with speed and ease.

  • TWAIN scanning, Cloud capture and compression
  • Viewing, annotation, and printing
  • Image editing and processing
  • Barcode and OCR Recognition
  • Plus PDF, DICOM, and vector support


.NET 32/64-bit | ActiveX 32/64-bit

ImagXpress acquires images from TWAIN scanners. It provides access to device capability settings and configuration dialog. ImagXpress offers speed-optimized TIFF writing, resulting in faster creation of large multipage TIFFs.

  • Read and write basic G3/G4 TIF, JPEG, BMP, and PackBits
  • Configurable image compression
  • Extensive file format support
  • TWAIN scanning
  • Convert bitonal, grayscale, or color documents to PDF, or scan to PDF