mobile imaging

Use viewing, imaging, and barcode mobile applications we’ve created or use our toolkits to create your own. Our mobile imaging products serve both developers interested in building applications and consumers looking for out-of-the-box products.


mobile imaging sdk

Use the AIMTools mobile imaging SDK to build one-of-a-kind mobile apps for viewing, compressing, and ...

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Barcode Scanner

mobile barcode scanner app

The Barcode Scanner App demonstrates the use of the Barcode Xpress Mobile SDK (available in ...

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Barcode Xpress Mobile

mobile barcode reader sdk for iOS and Android

Barcode Xpress Mobile enables you to quickly, easily add powerful barcode detection and reading functions ...

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Cram is an image compressor app that shrinks pictures on your Android device by 60% ...

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html5 document viewer

PrizmDoc , which includes a cloud-based api and a self-hosted solution, empowers displaying and viewing ...

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