Capture legally binding eSignatures, obtain form fills, generate, bulk send, and track documents using OnTask API.

Whether you need to create document packets, or simply send documents for signature, OnTask API allows you to obtain the information you need from customers and potential clients. Fully configurable to your application’s design and branding, OnTask API simplifies the way businesses handle documents.

Capture legally binding eSignatures, obtain form fills, generate, bulk send, and track documents using OnTask API.

Integrate legal protection into documents
Simplify document packet creation
Save on implementation time
Gain greater visibility into processes
Enhance customer experience

Giving your applications greater functionality

Legally-Binding eSignatures

Make signing easy for clients, while also protecting the integrity of your business. Capture digital signatures directly from your site or send for signatures using the API.

Fillable Web Forms

Collect information from customers with user-friendly digital forms and document upload capability. Fully configurable to match your application’s needs.

Document Routing

Automatically route document for filling, signature, and review to the proper parties, with built-in tracking to keep tabs on your important documents.

Find & Replace Fields

Bulk send documents with ease. OnTask API’s find and replace field detects text strings and replaces them with signature and date boxes.

Document Generation

Auto-generate document packets based on specific rules to send to clients for fill and sign.

Conditional Logic

Via the no-code Workflow Builder, use conditional logic to create robust, multi-step workflows for better automation.

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Capture legally binding eSignatures, obtain form fills, generate, bulk send, and track documents using OnTask API.

How to get Started with OnTask API:

  1. Signup for an OnTask account
  2. Create a workflow
  3. Use the OnTask user interface or the API to upload documents and start workflows.


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About Authentication Tokens:

Generate an Access Token

  1. Log in to your OnTask account by visiting
  2. Click Organization Settings.
  3. In the left sidebar, select the group to which you want to create an access token for.
  4. Expand the ACCESS TOKENS section.
  5. Choose a name for this API connection.
  6. Choose the permission level for this token. Required token permissions are listed for each API route below.
  8. Copy the token to your clipboard by clicking the copy icon or use shortcut keys on your keyboard.
  9. OnTask expects for the group access token to be included in all API requests to the server in a header that looks like the following:


OnTask Group Access Token

An Affordable eSignature Solution

Transaction-Based Pricing

Unlike competitors, OnTask offers transaction-based pricing instead of per-user pricing. This allows you to invite all of the team members needed without pricing increases.

No Hidden Fees

What you see is what you get. All features included in your desired pricing tier are available to you, without yearly price increases or hidden fees.

Flexible Options

All pricing tiers feature everything needed to build eSignature and form functionality into applications, with options for added support and functionality.