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See the Accusoft lineup of imaging libraries, viewing solutions, and cloud offerings.
Accusoft Products & Solutions

PrizmDoc Suite

Fast, flexible access to front and back end document functionality for use in web applications and system solutions.

Accusoft Products: PrizmDoc Editor

ImageGear Collection

Discover what imaging technology can do for your business. Integrate powerful document and image processing into your application.

Accusoft Products: ImageGear

Barcode Collection

The Barcode Xpress product family consists of our barcode SDKs including Barcode Xpress and Barcode Xpress mobile. Discover what you can build with our barcode solutions.

Accusoft Products: Barcode Collection

FormSuite for Structured Forms

Accusoft’s FormSuite for Structured Forms allows you to integrate powerful character recognition (OCR, ICR, and OMR), form identification, form dropout, scanned document cleanup, and more to eliminate slow, costly manual data entry and data extraction for structured forms. Discover what you can build with our forms processing solution.

Accusoft Products: FormSuite for Structured Forms


Our web-based APIs offer a comprehensive set of tools for viewing, editing, annotation, redaction, and more. Learn how you can integrate innovative features and functionalities into your application with our APIs.

PrizmDoc Demo: Annotation Demo