Tools for managing your document lifecycle.
The products within these categories can be added to your application quickly and easily.

Browser-based viewing solutions and SDKs offer extensive customization capabilities and superior speed and features.

Accusoft delivers optimized, standards-based compression technologies, including TIFF, PDF, PDF/A, JPEG 2000, JPEG, and more.

Add high-speed, accurate barcode recognition and creation to applications. Read and write 1D barcodes and get support for 2D barcodes like PDF417.

Build advanced zonal and full-page text recognition and pattern matching functionality into any Windows application.

Improve content recognition results on bitonal and color images. Advanced document image cleanup features include binarization, smoothing, line removal, despeckle, deskew, color drop and more.

Identify structured forms and invoices and extract pertinent information for processing using OCR, ICR, OMR, barcode recognition, signature detection and more.

Use viewing, imaging and barcode mobile applications we’ve created or use our toolkits to create your own. Our products serve both developers and consumers looking for out-of-the-box products.

Made up of patient information, EMR/EHRs, medical images and more, DICOM files are large-scale and complex. Our SDKs can be used to create DICOM-friendly software.

Control both TWAIN and ISIS scanner’s user interface, support bitonal and color scanning, and add support for multi-streaming, duplex modes, and device negotiation.