Policies, Procedures, & Legal Resources

Explore Accusoft’s business policies and discover how you fit in with our legal resources.

Legal Resources

Privacy Policy

Your information is a valuable asset. That’s why you should know everything that happens to it. Learn how we use your information in our privacy policy.

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Credit Policy

Looking to pay with credit? Our credit and collections representatives follow specific procedures. Discover how our credit policy works in this section.

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Policies & Trademarks

We take pride in our intellectual property, which is why we list all of our patents and their creators on our innovations page. Learn how we protect our innovations in our policies and trademarks section here.

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Licensing Options

Every business is different. Let us help you make the best decision for your needs. Discover which licensing option fits your situation best.

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Report an Ethics Concern

The Accusoft Human Resources Department is dedicated to making sure Accusoft and its employees act in an ethical way; following all corporate-level policies and applicable laws and regulations.

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